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Bluebird Bitter

Coniston Brewrey

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To the pure waters of the Coniston hills - add the finest Challenger hops and wonderfully roasted pale and crystal malts.
Allow the Coniston Brewing Company to use all their skill and instinctive know-how to create what must be described as the finest fully matured cask conditioned Ales.


Bluebird Bitter

Bluebird is a fine session ale with a light golden colour.  The intense resinous and spicy hop character which is the beer's hallmark is derived from the use of unusual quantities of English Challenger hops, each bale being individually and personally selected by the brewer. The malt is of course, Maris Otter fermented slightly warm to give a soft fruitiness with a faint hint of scented geranium

Hops - Challenger

ABV - 3.6%

1 x 500ml Bottle